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Alphabetical list selected tabs with links

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You are NOT learning a foreign language. This is not a list of important words and expressions to be learned by heart! Think of it as a HANDBOOK, a convenient electronic reference booklet where you can look up where things are. This alphabetical list of selected  tabs/commands is intended to make finding the more often used tabs  easier. (There are over 140 altogether, many of which you will probably never use. I've selected about 48 to draw to your attention. Quite enough for now, don't you think?)



Click on the name to switch to a screenshot of the tab in question  and any necessary notes.


On each page there is a RETURN button to return you to this page: Alphabetical list selected tabs with links.

Remember the back button, green, top left, too.


It is not this list, of course, that is the main point - it is being able to perform the actions it contains.


To give you some practice - at the end are some assignments that will exercise your skills and, hopefully, lead to  useful new experience or knowledge.



Active Speakers




Bulk Upload


Camera Controls




Dollar Linden Exchange Rate


Environment Settings >  Sunrise Midday Sunset Midnight






Everyday actions: sit, stand,





Go here






Home to Here (Set)




Landmark Here


Local Chat




Mini Map 




Mute List










Remove Limits Camera Controls


Revert to Region Default (Period of day determined by SL)


Run Always




Set Away 




Set home to here


Show Chat Bar – a box, click right for text




Snapshot to Disk 


Take Off  Clothing




Teleport Home


Time PM PST 


Toggle Full Screen





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