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Assignment Week 1


 Assignment Week 2


Assignment Week 3

Asssignment Week 4




Read the general introduction below before you go to specific weeks.




[Do look at the assignments, even if you don't feel inclined to  do them. Some of the  imparting of basic skills has leaked into the Assignments section.]



I've put together 4 assignments to cover the four weeks. But apart from week 1 (registration) and some of the tasks in Week 2 for real beginners, there is nothing sacred about the order of tasks in Weeks 3 and 4. They are just suggestions, anyway, and other assignments may come up from the interaction of actual particpants from December onwards. Saying which assignment shall be done when is simply a way of getting us to try out the same sites in the same week so we can discuss them together, but if people break rank, as long as they share their experiences, this could be an enrichment..


Simple rules for visiting any site


  1. ALWAYS speak (write ) to anyone if you get the chance.
  2. Be VERY inquisitive - go everywere, go behind buildings thoroughly explore them inside and out.
  3. Click on everything in sight.
  4. Always accept information notes and keep them.
  5. Write up your experiences in the blog for all to learn from and share.
  6. Fly over the building to make sure you've missed nothing.


Is this point necessary?


      7.  The style of your entry should be informal and chatty like a personal log or diary. We're not practising thesis writing.



There are so many excellent and relevant sites (including video is some cases) on the slexperiments site, principally the work of Daffodil, that I shall put a link to that material on each Assignment inviting you to make your assignment on one or more of the items and reporting back on what you do to the blog. I hope this approach will provide a more flexible Assignment framework suited to our varied group. It is importnat, though, that you do report back sharing your experiences and guding us, perhaps, to a source we might not otherwise  have found. You can access all the slexperiments material without becoming a member, but you have to join to be able to write. Details of how to join will be given in SLURLOLGY..



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