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December 2008

Revisions February, April 2009


An Introduction for beginners to Second Life





This guide was originally written for a Yahoogroups list - Learning with Computers . I hope, though, that it may be of some use to members of the EVO 2009 Virtual Worlds and Language Learning group and others who discover this wiki or who are referred to it.


  • Registering takes you through the process of registering with Second Life and creating your avatar.


  • The alphabetical list - glossary - takes you through a selection of the most important commands demonstrating them with copious screenshots.


  • I have selected a couple of other topics - Making Friends and Friends and How to Make Them and put them on to the sidebar  for easy access.


  • The alphabetical list  contains the core of what this tutorial has to offer.





[Particular thanks to Nergiz Kern who patiently and helpfully answered so many questions.]







I think it makes sense to have two routes through this material - one for those who do not yet have an avatar, and who have not registered with Second Life, or who want to create a second avatar and one for those that do. If anyone has an avatar but wants to practice creating another, that is perfectly possible. You simply create another using a different email address (that is important) and then when you log in, use then new login. You will NOT lose your first avatar, but it will be difficult for both avatars to meet, unless you have two computers. 



                    A                                                                                                                      B


                                                                                                                 Those who do not want to create a new avatar.  


Those who want to create their first avatar   or a new one.                         This course was conceived for real beginners. I have only tried to                                                                                                                   provide alternative activities since enrolment made me aware that many 

                                                                                                                  people are not actual beginners. Nonetheless, it would be better if                                                                                                                                       you all at least look at the beginners' route through the material to ensure

                                                                                                                  you miss nothing important.

[ Go to Registration ]                                                                                 

                                                                                                                     >>>>    This is where to go.  


                                                                                                                               THEREAFTER    work  your way through the Alphabetical List &          

                                                                                                                                Places to go.


                                                                                                                                OF COURSE


                                                                                                                                 You might like to follow the newbie r0ute to see what we are up to.





REGISTRATION  This is a rehearsal


(This is also Assignment 1)



I'm going to guide you through the subscription procedure with screenshots and explanatory notes where necessary. Then you can go direct to Second Life and really register. What we are going to do now is a practice run.






After reading the first page, retun here using the button at the top of the page.








Having seen how the registration process begins, three stages, follow the process first on this wiki, with written comments where necessary, so that when you return to the Second Life site there should be no problems.


















AN  AVATAR IS BORN! First appearance in SL






OK? Now back you go to really  register, using the link below:





This is for real!


With luck you will arrive in world (in Second Life) at the spot pictured above.


I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you stay in Welcome area. There are often some weird types hanging around, and some find it an unplesant place to be,-


Remain in ISTE.:




Afterwards, if you have the time and are curious, you might like to go here:


Mystery destination




(By the way, it is normal in SL for the places you visit to build themselves around you. Just be patient. It doesn't take long).



Don't forget to go inside.



And here is how to control the music:







Try them out, but the three controls, 1, 2, 3 are_   Play, pause, stop.


As a general rule when you are exploring sites in Second Life:


  • Go everywhere.
  • Be  brave:- Press Picture (on my German keyboard) arrow up and FLYand down when you have seen enough.
  • If you suspect you might have landed under water, it happens, just press the page up button until you surface



The four arrows on the right of your keyboard, pointing North, South, East and West are the ones that control your walking.




These keys are made for walking - and flying.


The four at the bottom for walking,, the two with arrows on them pointing upwards and downwards for flying and landing.





As soon as you visit a place,  place a  landmark . Command:    World/Create landmark here


  • If a door faces you,, give a left click. If it is meant to open, it will.


  • If you are invited by notices to do so,  CLICK! You cannot break anything, and there isn't any substantial trouble you can get into.

And now, something out of order (ion our syllabus)  It is fun from the beginning to take photos. And here is how to do so.




Taking snapshots







In Assignments you will find your weekly tasks .[ These were written for the LwC course, but you might like to look at some of them] See them as explorations rather than hard tasks. Enjoy them.



AT THIS POINT let me introduce you to one of the main components of this wiki - the alphabetical list..... which guides to the location and use oif the main tabs and commands. A lot of the work you do will be based on this list:


Alphabetical list selected tabs with links



Go now to Assignments:



They are called assignments, but some of the main presentation has slipped into them.







[IN GENERAL, if you get lost in this wiki, go to FRONTPPAGE  and/or use the sidebar. (Sometimes using the green arrow to go back to the previous page, and the one before that, will also help.]





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