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More about making friends from SLED

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From    the SLED  handbook SLED





Step 1: Giving someone your Calling Card

To give someone your calling card, they need to be located nearby. R-click (Cmd-click) on them. A pie menu will appear. Choose More. In the second pie menu that appears, choose Give Card. The other avatar will see a window with an option to Accept or Decline your offer. If accepted, then your calling card will be added to their Inventory. Try this now: Give your calling card to someone nearby. (If you are alone, find someone!) Ask someone to give you their calling card. (You may need to tell them how!)

Step 2: Finding a Calling Card from someone else

Open your Inventory and navigate to a folder in My Inventory named Calling Cards. Inventory > My Inventory > Calling Cards Click once on the arrow to open and view all your calling cards. Double-click on a calling card to open and view. Try this now: Open the Calling Card folder in My Inventory and view a calling card.

Action Plan

Now you do it.


Calling cards are a wonderful way to remember folks you have met. In Second Life, as in real life, some people choose to make friends more slowly. However, most people will be more than happy to give you their calling card. Try asking folks you meet for their calling cards. Having that information will help you remember those contacts later.

Inviting and Declining Friendship


Second Life allows you to keep track of all your friends. You can start with exchanging calling cards and then become friends - or you can become friends right away. In either case, Second Life gives you the option to maintain a special friend list that you can add people to.


In this mission you will learn how to add a friend and view your friend list.



Step 1: Add Friend

Right-click on an avatar and select Add Friend from the pie menu. The other person has the option to Accept or Decline your offer. If the person accepts then he or she gets added to your friend list and calling cards are automatically exchanged.

Step 2: Accept Friendship

When someone offers you friendship, you have the choice to Accept or Decline. Click on Accept to add the person to your friend list or click on Decline if you want to reject the offer.

Step 3: View Friends

Click on the blue Communicate button at the bottom of your screen and then the Friends tab in the window to see the list of people who have agreed to be your friend in Second Life.

Step 4: Calling Cards

You can also find their calling card in your inventory.

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