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Page history last edited by Nergiz Kern 11 years ago


[ There are few entries here, but I hope to an extend it during the course of the next four weeks.]  !!!!!


The SLUROLGY, a collection of selected (sl)urls i.e sites, largely, will be added to during the duraation of the course.





I shall be taking several SLURLs from this source. If you wish to join the last in your own right.........





Excellent collection of material for beginners on the slexperiments wiki put together by the  'daffodil':






slexperiments. A small group started by Nergiz Kern and others who meeet in land once a week to exchanged informatikon about teaching on SL and explore possibities for the future.


A superb collection of links put together by my very good friend and colleague Nergiz 'Daffodil' Kern




Check up on ISTE


My blogs on SL.



Fabulous training site - for students, using basic skills




Trainin course


SLED is the main Second Life list

Over 120 pages. Quite recent, and excellent.


SLED guide to SL


Universities and private islands


Annotated bibliography


Academic institutions in SL


!! Australian material - See  desktop and my hard disk


New Zealand Education and Second Life



University of Michigan 3D lab


Videos - mostly on U Tube

Nik 's videos




All Nik's





SLED see Archive and Digest



Forthcoming courses




Fin d way down into English village. Goi into the villa and note al TEFL language learning devices there. Try them out.










ISTE Loks like a golf course  International golf course. Worth investigatin




Borocay Island.  ore info:


Boracay Wiki at http://boracay.wikispaces.com




Gavin's shop





The Globes Theatre.  Lookl around






http://slurl.com/secondlife/Braunworth/154/123/178  Braaunworth


Virtual Estoania. Wal  around, inside, upstairs and see what you can find out.




Braunworth villagge. Very reaistically built. Haven't fund out what it is. Can you?



Czechoslavakia   Pretty surroundings. But could it b e exolited pedaggically?


The English Village



A bibliograhy by me that I'd quite forgotten:



http://besig2007sl.wikispaces.com/ Bibliography, Newson, Berlin conference, 2007


Just came across this by chance:



Abpout 14 educationally interesting sites. Boracay is mentioned.


Plus:  Nik's videos

Videos on SL


And then,


Go into SL, meet people, join groups and start doing something in and with SL.


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